Sunday, April 13, 2008

They can be so fussy

The scary ghost

My plastic smelling friend

You wouldn't believe the time I got up this morning - 9.16 and it's not even a food day, I came out of my house doorway, that always gets them, makes it look like I have a gigantic shell on my back! I wanted the warmth of my sun lamp, clever thing, doesn't move like the real sun but provides light & warmth, what more could I ask for? So she went out on her own, the others went out later, then they came back so I had a walk round, need to keep them entertained. I now look at them when they talk to me, they are so easy to impress, they spent ages today talking about whether I had ears & if so where are they, honestly the questions they come up with. Thankfully I have googled some info for them
Although these may not be obvious, tortoises do have ears. Look along outside of-the neck on each side of the head; there should be two dark circular markings. These should be smooth - any lumps or swellings could indicate an ear abscess." from so that should answer that one, who ever heard of a tortoise with no ears?????

I had a great time climbing over my rocks, all of them, I walked & walked, I had a wee as well, they marvelled at my movement beforehand, honestly can I have no privacy? So given my wee was in my village, they had a great idea to put me on the carpet (due to be replaced soon) It was lovely they all lay down to talk to me, I walked & walked, I met a friend, don't know what that was, smelt a bit like plastic. I walked a bit more, then suddenly a shout "The poo is coming out!" She thought they were joking until someone else said "Really it's coming out, do something!" So I flew back into my village so my poo is there should I decide to eat it, highly unlikely I think but the thought is there. I was glad to get back in there really, didn't like to say but I think their carpet is haunted wherever I walked I was being followed by this dark ghost like creature they kept talking about the cute shadow so maybe they are used to the ghost? Look carefully at the pics, you can see the scary ghost, kind of tortoiseish shaped. So much to learn about these people. I went to bed a bit earlier tonight, had to after my expedition & the poo.

Before my secretary finishes for the night, you will never ever guess where they are going tomorrow, I could hardly believe my ears (because I DO have ears) the zoo, they have me at home to watch all day & they decide to spend their time watching some bigger things wandering round and pay to see them, crazy! Bad news too they want more pets namely a flamingo and a giraffe have been mentioned well as long as they don't want to share my village.

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