Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone

Whilst the world goes crazy in the shops, my food has been growing for the last few weeks, lovingly placed by the radiator and by the window in daytime so i had a lovely selection of weeds, it took me hours to eat but it was lovely and I didn't need gravy. perfect day a morning in the bath (because I am clever and can drink through my legs :oP )an exquisite lunch, there was even a present fo rme under the tree, the excitment I nearly jumped out of my shell, asleep by 5pm, all tucked in.

Happy Christmas :o)

Just in case anyone is worried about me having a beard, the effects were put on after the photo wa staken, after 6 months later, I didn't come to any harm, I didn't wear a Santa hat either

Monday, December 15, 2008

My own holiday home

It was meant to be for Christmas but... I look so cute I got it the same day it was bought, my very own woodland lodge... it terrified me, seriously I walked around for hours trying to avoid it, then... it was bedtime, my beloved cardboard box was GONE imagine my distress, so she went & got it again, in time I have come to love my new home, it even has a window, just took a bit of getting used to. As I grow the door may need to be widened, how offensive is that??? Wide, me?

Pics to follow...