Thursday, April 3, 2008


Imagine this,

You fall asleep in the warmth of the sun, the sun goes off with a click of a switch in your half awake, mainly alseep state you try & make it to bed but instead end up trying to get under a tunnel (made from an empty big toblerone tube) you are digging away wondering why you can't get in. When a big hand reaches in, lifts you up, tucks you in & puts the box on top of you.

I want to be a tortoise.

Disaster struck today, he had a piece of hemp, like straw in his eye, he couldn't open one eye so I went to remove it but caught his little head, scared him & he vanished SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast into his little shell. I kept saying sorry but he took a while to come out, then when he did I got the piece out of his eye, phew what a relief!

I talk to him, tell him when I am going out, when I'll be back etc, I love having him here to talk to.

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