Friday, April 11, 2008

A quiet day

I have spent a quiet day in my shell, there was a stranger here sticking pieces of paper on the wall for hours, everyone else went out, it was just me and him, scary! When she came back she seemed very enthusiastic about this paper stuff, she paid him then he left. it was just plain paper not a tortoise in sight, boring if you ask me not to mention strange. I almost forgot the strange smell, didn't like to mention it at the time but whatever was in that pot he spread it over the ceilings.

Tomorrow is bath day, yippeeeeeeeee, also I think I'll be weighed, kind of like weightwatchers for tortoise, my weights gets plotted on the graph. I need to be weighed at the same time each week but hopefully I wont have lost weight or she'll worry I don't know how much I'll have gained, I had rather a lot of lettuce the other day, then I went back for another leaf, I just couldn't resist, wonder if that will show on the scales? I hope there is a meeting afterwards where we can swop lettuce recipes. Talking of recipes, apparently some seeds have been planted for me, it's not lettuce, they have been growing rather slowly, she was tempted to put it under my heat lamp but didn't want to look like a cannabis farm, she is fussy. An ingenious plan was to put 2 lots of seeds in one pot, a different one in each half, her famous last words were I'll remember which are which, half have grown, absolutley nothing from the other side of the pot so that meal is kind of a surprise cos she can't remember which side were which seeds, maybe it's me Sunday lunch. I'll keep you informed.

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