Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bath day

Well today didn't go as expected, I woke up about 10.15 which is kind of early for me, I crawled out from under the side of my house instead of using the door, well doors are so predictable. I sat in the sun rays for a short time then went on a walk, I went through the tunnel, over the rocks (I became a little attached to one particular rock for a while) I walked here & there, no food to be found, I kept hearing mention of bath but no water appeared. I had a short sleep in the midday sun then when I woke I shortly flew over to my bath. I know what you are thinking tortoise do not fly, but she says I do & I sure do move fast to get to my bath, no legs used, I do appear to fly, maybe that is why she thinks I am so amazing! I spent about 30 minutes in the bath, walking around, like most people probably do, then I flew back to my stone, the big one on the corner where I waved my legs around to make a snow tortoise kind of shape, then I nibbled on some lettuce, that smore my kind of thing. Oh there were some of those seedling things she has been growing, nice to have a bit of variety. Whilst she waved a paintbrush around I had a lovely afternoon snooze in the sun lamp, lovely, woke up for more lettuce, was munching away when it went dark so I went to bed, through the door, they gathered to watch me saying how clever I was. I was making a sharp exit really because Doctor Who was on, terrifying images, I may have nightmares... In fact my nightmare started earlier when she took a picture of me in the bath, no towel, nothing just me relaxing, notice the blushing...

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