Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Party eve

Today apparently is birthday party eve, tomorrow more of the little people arrive for a party, all I can say is I hope it's not at my nap time, or if it is that they are quiet, I'm sure they will be...

Well today, I have been rock climbing whilst they marvelled at my agility, the little people have been home more & it's lovely to listen to them talk to me, I get to find out all sorts, they also ask questions, I am talking back in shell language. I thought I'd make it outside today, but no, maybe tomorrow, the grass has been cut so I should be easier to find, I love hide & seek.

For those following my bowel movements, yes it happened today, then I sat in it, they seem to complain, they just have no idea of how to live.

Shocking, no pictures today, I know, I feel abandoned too.

As my secretary writes I am burrowing down, tucking myself in for the night with my duvet, well hemp.

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