Monday, April 14, 2008


I got up full of energy at 8.15, yes I like these quarter past an hour type times, I wondered if I could tempt them away from the zoo but no, I got my food incredibly early, I bet she makes me walk more on other days for that, it was virtually breakfast in bed! They said bye to me so many times I wondered if they'd change their minds & take me with them, but no, off they went to my day of quiet, I munched on some lettuce, thought of being on Jeremy Kyle with episode titles like "I need to come out of my shell!" "Which tortoise is my father?" Slept between munching on lettuce. They got back years, OK hours later moaning about being tired, honestly all they did was walk around & look at a few animals. There was a a giant tortoise living with some smaller ones, apparently like the one they looked into buying until they realised how big they grow! Lucky for me I guess unless there was another owner waiting with a two floored tortoise village for me maybe with a lift for my lazy days?

The most shocking news of today, no pictures were taken of me, they have a photo of gorillas, tigers, lions a million monkeys, sea lions, other tortoise but none of me. I have enclosed a picture of "The others"

A picture of the giant tortoise, apparently not as cute as me :o)

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