Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shocking really...

The owner returned from her shopping trip with a first edition of Practical Reptile keeping, she kept it from me initially, strangely enough at the side of the microwave until she got some peace and quiet, one of the little people is also doing a project for school about reptiles, ever keen for pictures but this magazine will stay intact. There is loads of information in it about tortoise, what more could anyone want? Owner had a flick through in the shop, if it had said to keep tortoise in glass tanks she would have been mortified, but no, KEEP YOUR TORTOISE IN A TORTOISE TABLE SET UP, let us breathe in an open air environment, hurrah, I hope the message reaches some of the mean people who let my relatives live in condensation filled tanks.

The real shock of the magazine was the pictures, lots of high quality pictures, stories about a trip to the Galapogos islands, but.... I can hardly type there were some erm, mating pictures, no everyone should this picture owner referred to it as tortoise porn but I think she is exagerrating, the tortoise just looks very happy, I presume copyright & all that I can't include it, but everyone should see it, absolute classic!

Go & buy Practical Reptile keeping now!

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