Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I may need a room

I am appreciating now how Susan Boyle must have felt, this week I have been in Practical Reptile keeping magazine AND also my fine blog has been identified for it's individual writing style, bascially a computer company will send me a fancy touch screen computer for 4 weeks, i write about it at the end of the 4 weeks if I am the most read reviewer I win the fancy computer, if I don't win they send me a little netbook for taking part, how good is that? I just need to put my little claw print on the line and my ASUS ET1602 will come flying at me apparently, oh the joy of a new toy! I can't put much about it here but I can link to my review blog. All I need now is a kind person who advertises country cottages for tortoise in Practical reptile keeping to offer me a holiday home, for those who know I have a log cabin well the one in the advert looks even better than that.

Liking this weather, sun, weeds, water, this is the life, may not need the room in the Priory just yet...

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