Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Granny - is that you?

I wonder if the wonders of technology and the lovely people who read my blog could help me search for any long lost relatives of either me or any other tortoise. There is a prize for the eldest tortoise found, he he I thought, I'll just rewrite my blog and claim to be a 200 year old rare never heard of before miniature tortoise (well poodles can be mini!) but if you are going to claim this rather exciting status, then proof is required, not just a pic of you & your birthday cake with zillions of candles on, more info is here

A day filled with excitement, there were 2 tortoise on Blue Peter this morning, sadly turned off before the race, hmmm Blue Peter, I still hold them responsible for the loss of many tortoise, remember the advice to put your tort in the airing cupboard to keep them warm??? Sadly a death sentence :o(

My next installment will tell the story of the day I was mistaken for a girl... I just need time to come to terms with the incident...

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