Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Help the Lettuce fund!

I am coming to terms with being edited out, owner has promised she'll put a film up of me soon, oh I hope it is soon I am even willing to fill the void on the This Morning Sofa, if @Schofe acts fast then if I leave now I'll be there for September...

Help the lettuce fund, we'd love to win & it would set me up with lettuce for ages - the film can be seen on the link below,

Click on the blue vote tab then

Put part 2 in search box then click search,

the thumbnail that returns will be the one "Barclaycard waterslide part 2" click to watch, Make sure your volume is up, watch, enjoy, click the green thumbs up below & munch on popcorn!

Come back everyday to vote please.


1 comment:

Luzinha said...

how nice is your blog, dear! I love your house! amazing! it have a "swimming pool", how stylish, hã? the videos are very funny! MOL!

all the best dear! have a great day!