Monday, June 16, 2008

An update

My outdoor garden is developing well, I favour eating the dandelions but as yet I outstrip supply, apparently more seeds are on the way - I hope they grow fast.

More exciting news, I got told off, oh I felt so naughty & a little embarrassed, I had a poo in my bedroom. My toilet habits leave a lot to be desired. On Saturday when I was in the bath I had an almighty weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it jetted across the bath - I was so proud - they were astonished by the way I bring my head in & propel the wee out! Oh & followed by a poo, they talked about what else I could do for hat trick? What more could I do?

I am in love with Heather, she is lovely, I like to cuddle up to her, occasionally under her & the other day I actually climbed all over her so I could eat a pansy flower, it was a purple one. I may add another photo, do you think I have grown?

I have been enjoying the hotter weather, a nice chance to explore & munch away for a few hours oh & spend time with Heather of course.

Pics will have to wait for another day...

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